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There are a range of dummies books that covers most areas in music that are easy to read and easy to follow.
There is a very wide range of dummies books , but this particular listing of dummies books showing below deals with music essentially.  But because computers are a much valid neccesity, we will list other dummies books on this page, plus a few non dummies books.
 with dummies books you will see covers, composing, theory, classical music, drums, banjo, songwriting, guitar,opera,piano,digital music,jazz and singing.
There are other dummies books that cover DJing, Pro Tools, recording and a whole range of other things such as digital photos, movies and PC Recordings.
All the dummies books showing below will have a page to go with them that gives you more details about each, and be able to review or buy them.

The list below provides full links for future reference., use the menu above for viewing.
List of Dummies Books 
Composing Digital Music
Music Composition
Music Theory
Classical Music
Digital Photos, Movies & Music Gigabook?
WindowsXP Digital Music
Bass Guitar
PC Recording Studio
Rock Guitar
Blues Guitar
Home Recording For Musicians
Pro Tools All-In-One Desk Reference
   Computer Books  
Computer Viruses
   Digital Photography   
So enjoy the series of dummies books on music and those other useful dummies books we display here.
We will also add dummies books to the list in music as they appear.
Other Music Books    
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