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 The independent artists we have displayed here are all using the same service we do for our own artists, though we supply a wider range of training and legal help for ours.

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 Album By Byrd
Flying Beyond the 9
 BYRD: Anthem BYRD: Flying Beyond the 9
These artists are not ours but we are happy to display their works just the same. 
Albums By Double Vision
Virus Tha EP
Double Vision "Live" Refreshed Unplugged 
DOUBLE VISION: Infection - Tha Double Album DOUBLE VISION: Virus Tha EP DOUBLE VISION: Double Vision "Live" Refreshed Unplugged
 All of our own artists and the artists displayed here have worked hard to be included.
 Album By JJ Nolis
Album By Divine Journey Music
Rainbow Journey
 JJ NOLIS: Ponyride DIVINE JOURNEY MUSIC: Rainbow Journey
We are using CD Baby to promote all of these artists.