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We move into the realm of the editors picks of the Avante Guard music
                                                                                  AVANTE GARDE                                                                               
Editors Pick and Top Sellers – AVANTE GARDE
1.David Aucoin
1.Gustavo Aguila
2.Ola Herasmenko Olynyk
1. Seth Osburn
 DAVID W. AUCOIN: Heart of the Earth  GUSTAVO AGUILAR: Unsettled On An Old Sense Of Place  OLA HERASYMENKO OLIYNYK: Three Concertos for Bandura  OLA HERASYMENKO OLIYNYK: Ukrainian Bandura in Concert  SETH OSBURN: Seven
1. Cabonne Dipiazza-Manring
1. Sunshine Still
1. Conga Punks
2. Brian Tairaku Ritchie
 CARBONNE - DI PIAZZA - MANRING: Carbonne - Di Piazza - Manring  SUNSHONE STILL: Dead Letters  CONGA PUNKS: Music's Genre Defiance  BRIAN TAIRAKU RITCHIE: Ryoanji  BRIAN TAIRAKU RITCHIE: Taimu
2. Kyle Dawkins
1. Lonesome Wyatt +
1 Disaster Peace
1. Emerald Suspension
 KYLE DAWKINS: Walls Became The World  KYLE DAWKINS: Conasauga  LONESOME WYATT AND THE HOLY SPOOKS: Sabella  DISASTERPEACE: Atebite and the Warring Nations  EMERALD SUSPENSION: Playing the Market
 5. Lee Feldman  LEE FELDMAN: STARBOY - DVD  LEE FELDMAN: The Man In a Jupiter Hat  LEE FELDMAN: I've Forgotten Everything  LEE FELDMAN: Living It All Wrong  LEE FELDMAN: STARBOY: The Soundtrack
  As we have said many times Music for Dummies and the Victoria Rose Global Network are very versatile in everything that that do and present.   There are so many different servises and opportunitities that we explore on these pages.   

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