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CD Replication Services
Music For Dummies is able to provide economical CD replication Services for the independent artists it publishes
Music For Dummies is able to provide economical CD replication Services for the independent artists it publishes. Artists find it normally very expensive to get their barcodes and duplication done
One of the largest costs that anybody in the music industry faces is finding CD replication services. There are few who can actually do small quantities of duplication at sensible prices. Most CD replication services want to have minimum orders that cost thousands of dollars. So we at Music For Dummies have invested time in finding those who can do it, and in certain cases doing it ourselves.
This service at Music For Dummies is provided to those independent artists who sign up by contract for our services by way of publication. Please note that we are able to handle book publishing in a similar way. CD replication services and book publication and printing services do not have to be so expensive.
Many artists are not aware just how expensive it really is to put CD’s out, bar codes are very expensive to purchase by those who would do it for themselves, then there is the cost of graphics, all of this is on top of normal CD replication services costs. So we at Music For Dummies have found out ways to keep all these costs down.
We have independent artists who are ordering 30 to 50 at a time, never having to buy thousands that hang around until sold. So our CD replication services are a great lifesaver to the first time artists.
It is essential remember for you tojoin our system to be able get these CD replication services. The same is required for our book publishing.
Music For Dummies knows that there are many hidden traps to prevent artists truly succeeding. One of these being the costs involved with full CD replication services. Those who would do it on the cheap usually do it in a way to leave you vulnerable to legal implications.
So don’t leave yourselves open to these many costs and traps. CD replication services can wreck your whole budget, Please consider carefully what we have to offer you, we really want to help you make it, so check out our menu.
Albums By Bree Noble
Healing Waters
Can You See the Stars
By Chris and Bree Noble
Hallelujah Duet
BREE NOBLE: Healing Waters BREE NOBLE: OverWhelmed BREE NOBLE: Can You See The Stars CHRIS AND BREE NOBLE: Hallelujah Duet
               1. Walt Whiteman                  
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