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There is a tightening of the rules governing the how you download Karaoke music and other music
Hidden Truth

Tightening of rules over download of Karaoke music and other downloads, we need to be fair to the original artists in seeing that they do get legally paid, at the same time not have to pay the earth
The exciting thing is that by changing our own attitudes on how we download Karaoke music or other music, then we pave the way to a better world. And if original artists and agents are fairer in what they would need to be paid for in relation to the download Karaoke music field and other music downloading, so that we can hope to see an even better world arising.
They all went to do their downloads!
Swimming Pool
It is only fair that the originating musicians and artists should get paid for all their hard work, so there has been a strengthening of the governing rules for how you will download Karaoke music and other music downloading. We at Music For Dummies applaud those changes, and we make sure that artists that use our system are protected from those who would abuse the rules over such downloading. For far too long there has been little protection for the artist, and it has been partly their own fault as they have been prepared to do things for free. Nothing though is free for in the end it always costs somebody something. In the end it is the music artists that get exploited.
Please note that Karaoke performers cannot be paid for their performances or CD’s etc, the artists works and publishers they are using are to be paid for as they are under license, therefore this applies in the download Karaoke music field. Further to this those who would perform over the net in private groups arerequired to pay for a license to broadcast, though they may not be paying original artists or publishers. There is a need to check the regulations re licensing for all such performances.
So we at Music For Dummies have come up with what we see as fairer systems, but at the same time we believe that music lovers should not have to pay too much for downloading. Therefore we network with those who provide both income potentials for the artist and a fair price to download Karaoke music and other music downloading. So here is an offer that could be of real interest to you, all need to do is just check this one out for Free!
Over a period of time staff members have been using the net in helping train people that are involved in Karaoke. The availability to download Karaoke music can prove to be a very good source for potential new stars or artists to learn the ropes of the music industry, but they do need to be trained in all the areas that we have shown, of what it takes to succeed.
So when you download Karaoke music and other music, or when you have others download Karaoke music, remember not only is it fair that the original artists get paid. Note that it is illegal to do otherwise.
As we read on we will see just how important it is to have a fair system all the way round, there is a menu.
Albums By Jennylynn Clark
Farmers Prayer
Tribute to Patsy Cline
JENNEYLYNN CLARK: Farmers PrayerJENNEYLYNN CLARK: Tribute To Patsy Cline

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