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Introduction Music For Dummies
Introduction Music For Dummies has been created to take you to the next step and to enter further into music essentials

Also we have brought back pages from the past to keep the history of the website
This introduction has been created to take you to the next step and to enter further pages that you possibly have not seen so far in examining the information that is supplied on this site. So you will find information on creative thinking, training, book publishing, opportunities, equipment, production, downloads and contact details.
This introduction knows that what has been written before is just a preface to all that really needs to be known, and further knows that you need a website that can begin to answer all those many questions that will naturally be in your minds. So as you use this introduction page to move onto other pages that can start answering those questions.
So this introduction realizes that you have a right to view independent artistes that we have helped in many different ways, and so they are accessible from this website as you will see.
Also this introduction shows that we support independent artists in general, and you will see that we have got them covered also.
Then this introduction understands that independent artists need equipment and software with many other types of support information.
You will find that this introduction points you to making other sources of income to support your passion in life. It can be really hard for independent artists in general.
There is reading provided that is destined to change so that your introduction to training will give you access to all the areas we have outlined in Music For Dummies.
The introduction to book publishing can be a great source of putting your creations into lyrics, song writing, poetry and anything else that you might want to write, including your own training manuals. Noting that we have a series of ten training manuals to be produced of which the first one exists.
Then you will find in the pages that this introduction speaks of more detailed ways in which you can contact us if you are serious about succeeding in music.
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