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Jessy Dixon
Jessy Dixon learned the hard way to succeed to be a leading name in gospel music being prepared to move, not letting anything stop him going all the way not relying on others to make it to the top
Jessy Dixon like so many learned how to make a name for himself the hard way, for really there is no easy way if you really want to succeed. But we are sharing these words and the information in this site to seek to make things a little easier for you.
 Mountain Scene
Jessy Dixon has become one of the leading names in gospel music. Like so many Jessy Dixon started very young and then realized he had to move to where the action is to turn his creativity into marketable products. Creativity is not enough if we want to attain to credibility.
Jessy Dixon was ready to learn from others already out there and not try going it alone, and when Jessy Dixon finally got his first album out there, he did not allow modest returns to stop him going all the way. Jessy Dixon leant not to blame others or his circumstances for any failures. For Jessy Dixon knows that blaming such things can lead to a bad name, the very last thing needed to make a success.
To be successful in the music industry it is essential to know that you do have to work at it to get your name out there like Jessy Dixon has. One has to do gigs, or get airtime on radio, as there is no point in relying on publishers and managers, because they just get too many people on their books. So if you work at getting your name known like Jessy Dixon, then you are on the way, but of course you must work also at how you present your works of creativity. Check our menu.
You will find Jessy Dixon also among the CDs of the artists listed on this website.
Below is his CD
JESSY DIXON: Heavenly News
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