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Karen Davis
Karen Davis uses her creativity to succeed in life because she never gives up doing what she likes best to fulfill her dreams and goals
Being willing and able to learn from others
Karen Davis is a name that has a lot going for it, because there are a number of people with that same name who have succeeded in life by using the creativity that once lay buried within them, and now because of that they can be clearly seen on the internet.
 Blue Hills
The Karen Davis that we have as a member started at the age of just seven and then nine to use her hidden creativity. You see our Karen Davis has never given up doing what she likes doing best. You see nothing has deterred this Karen Davis from fulfilling her dreams and goals.
Karen Davis started off as a dancer but by the age of sixteen she discovered her talent to sing and went on stage. So you can say that you are never too young to get started. Yet Karen Davis loves to declare that you are never too old to do anything.
Why would our Karen Davis have said this, because she has only just recently completed her album with the help of somebody called Lohnriver in collaboration with a guy called Corey Fish. The Lohnriver story is another story of how a person can overcome the impossible. Here is his site.
Like so many artists Karen Davis is not ashamed but rather inspired by what other artists have achieved, and is very willing and able to learn from them, and from any mistakes made along the way.
You will find also that CD of Karen Davis among the artists listed on this website and I am sure she would value your support. There is a menu also.
Here is her CD

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