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This page has been designed to introduce you to Arke Promotions Arke Promotions is the business that my wife and myself founded in Australia back in 1972 and true to its name it has promoted many kinds of products and services over the years, and is currently very much involved in the music industry through the use of the internet.
Below you will see the name Bree Noble one of the artists we have supported and you will find among the tracks on the CD "The Trail of Rosa"presented the song "Light Up The Candle"  in which I wrote the main theme as a poem "Light Up The Candle of

 Your Life" and in collaboration with Jenna Vescio had it created into a song, and then you can see that Bree Noble sung it and others helped in seeing that it became part of a CD, so even I can be creative and have things I have done out there. My wife

Janet is recording my jokes for a book, and I have other poems that I have written. What it took was the system we now have to show me how to be out there among all you budding artists and the established ones as well.

 JENNA VESCIO: Trial Of Rosa       Jenna Vescio         

 BREE NOBLE: Healing Waters  Bree Noble

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