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Arke Promotions Global Network is an association of independent artists that collaborate together with other services such as legal, promotional and training to be a success.

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 Music For Dummies  - Arke Promotions Global Network - Dummies Books   
Music For Dummies is associated with the Arke Promotions Global Network, which has such people and organizations as Bree Noble, Jerry Allen, Denise Jerrido, Claude Davis, CD Baby, Lulu, Jennarosa, Carl Wheeler, Donna Frost, Karen Byrd, Joe Pierre, Enter Into Our World, Myspace, Soundclick and others involved.
So Arke Promotions Global Network is what its name says it is, a growing worldwide association that is here to help music artists and other independent artists to achieve greater acceptance over time in what is a very hard place to make a name.
Check out Hidden Truth Music and Arke Promotions which are part of the Music For Dummies and Arke Promotions Global Network.
Gevania Global Network has taken the best part of seven years to get to where it is now, and its major growth lies ahead.
Music For Dummies is proud to be associated with Arke Promotions Global Network, and has been in there from the very beginning.
Gevania Global Network with Music For Dummies as this website shows has brought together, training, legal, production and many more essential areas for all would be musicians, and even for those already in the industry.
You will now see in Music For Dummies that Arke Promotions Global Network has helped organizations such as Lulu, and CD Baby  These three names are way ahead of our own names, but the Arke Promotions Global Network has made even there paths easier.

So please take note that if we of the Arke Promotions Global Network can help such organizations as these, then we really can be help and value to you, this is the network that Jenna Vescio set up.
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