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Prayer Changes Things If We Persist.
Prayer has many intentions and functions such as to not only leave it possible for you to contact us for and
about prayer but beyond that
The page on prayer has many intentions and functions such as to not only leave it possible for you to contact us for and about prayer, but also to contact you to pray as well. Then to be able to show answers to prayer from those who are willing to share their experience. Added to these things to also be able to share thoughts and lessons on how to pray.
It is written in the Bible “That without faith it is impossible to please God”, these are very important words because that set the foundation on how we are to really pray “that is to actually believe that we will receive what we asked for”. Wow! That sounds tuff. But you see if we only pray hoping that somehow God might hear us sometime and somewhere, then we are not really showing that God really wants to answer our prayer. The wonder of the grace of God is that He often does answer us even when our faith is weak.
Very quickly I will hear that “if it be God’s will” being said. It all sounds so good, and even a little bit so true (because does not the Bible say so), but more than often it is nothing more than our copping out of having to believe. You see we can put off losing face by saying well it could not be God’s will. It is indeed true that we should pray for those things that are according to God’s will.
It is very clear from the Bible that we do not receive the things tat we ask for because of our unbelief. Now if we go back to the time of Adam and Eve we will see that when Satan tempted them to sin, he actually created unbelief in what God had said to them. Ever since then unbelief has reigned in the lives of people on the earth.
Of course these days we hear lots about the power of positive thinking, but that is focused on belief in ourselves, and does not take us to actually believing in God.
So when we pray let us believe for the things we pray for, first having sorted out those things that are not according to God’s will from anything we might pray. But at the same time we should not be telling God that we are going to do this or that, or give Him a list of demands.
Instead we should come before Him in humble obedience and listen to Him for what He wants us to pray for.
So let us learn from these lessons, and let us know how to pray in faith, then we shall see the things we prayed for, whatever the time taken before that occurs.
You can certainly contact us about matters of prayer, but remember the lessons above, as we must do also.
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