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 Here is an opportunity to download music at the Music For Dummies  or get your own  music store or other store

So to be in keeping with the historical message I give other means to do it

Music For Dummies
You could do this today?
You want to make money then why not
join up for free to have your own
Music Store.

That is the old message above and below
You do not have to be a rock star to own one.
Yet many of the great names in music have
gathered together to put this opportunity out.
It is perfectly Free to Join, and pertfectly free there after
so you do not
have to be looking for money to get started, and
you could earn the money while you sleep to
join the other program for making more money that is in it.
You may be somebody who would just like to see
the music, well I have put the store here also.

There are numerous ways to own a store be it free or not such as Ebay, Lulu, Amazon, BVD or just your own setup.
Yes there may be rivers to cross or bridges to go over to achieve it but it can be done.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
This is also good for those who might want to own one,
because you can see it first, and you can even
get a store while you are there.
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Arke Ministries