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Infomation on Useful Software Downloads
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This page is designed to introduce to you the most useful software tools that can prove helpful to all your net activity
There are software tools for protection, spyware,create logos,eCovers, graphics,letterhead and flash adds.

Having a quality AV program to keep out viruses, worms, malware and all kinds of other nasty things so I use Avast having dumped the other big name ones that  really failed to do the job leaving hundreds of bad things not dealt with.
Even the Avast free one does better than the others.

I also use Spy Hunter that has got rid of some really bad things for me in the way of malware.

I also use Spy Bot as it takes out other things. I note that between them they take out things that the others put in.

There are other useful programs  for doing RSS or  XML texts.

I also use a good PHP Designer and Reader that does other things as well.

I will put more information in as I get the time to do it.

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United States - Norton Confidential
Laughingbird Software's The Logo Creator v4.1 - W
Laughingbird Software's eCover Creator

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