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Pine Mountain Railroad.
Pine Mountain Railroad could be seen as either an idyllic place in Georgia or as a band dedicated to blue grass and gospel blue grass music.
Pine Mountain Railroad conjures up all kinds of wonderful pictures of an idyllic place that is set, somewhere within the site of mountain ranges with a beautiful lake, to which weary travelers can access by train.
Mountain Lake 
Or to others Pine Mountain Railroad speaks with affection to those dedicated to a band that is the heart and soul of the bluegrass and gospel bluegrass music and sounds, and is good enough to be easily found through any search engine on the Internet
.Click on their CD Here
My research on Pine Mountain railroad took me to a place in Georgia that was once called Chiply until in 1882, when the rail tracks arrived. Chiply somehow does not conjure up the same kind of idyllic of picture that its present name does for it..
Pine Mountain
It is notable that Pine Mountain Railroad the band can spin off their lips all kinds of great names, Jimmy Martin, Raymond Fairchild, Ricky Scaggs, Lou Reid and many more, that different members have performed with.
But then Pine Mountain railroad the town, can boast of no less than the name of President Franklin Roosevelt and Callway Gardens’ Cason Callway. Further to this it has become a real hotspot for weddings and honeymoons.
Who knows, it could be the Elmer C Burchett Jr. of the Pine Mountain Railroad group could end up at that other Pine Mountain Railroad with his current young lady called Mollie for just one of those honeymoons.
It would be interesting to know how the Pine Mountain Railroad the band got its name, somebody out there might know. Whereas the place Pine Mountain railroad clearly got its new name from the Appalachian ranges. Which brings a little clarity to this Aussie down under about Stella Parton, and her song about those very mountains.
So you see we are ready for variety to talk about independent artists or about towns and paces such as Pine Mountain Railroad.
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