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Stella Parton
Stella Parton as an independent artist is one we can all learn from who helps those on hard times.
Proving her creativity in many things such as films, TV and theatre and numerous CD’s
It is a wonderful thing to have somebody like Stella Parton listed among the many independent artists that we have had the pleasure to have CD’s recorded by.
Yes I know it is true that we all cannot be like Stella Parton, or like her sister.
Mountain Scene
But we all can learn from people like Stella Parton in being ready to bring out that creativity that lies often buried within us. Take for instance in just recent times Stella Parton has come to the rescue of others going through very hard times, giving of her time and talent and money to change things around for them. Surely this is the most wonderful side to what creativity really should be, to be able to give great pleasure and joy to others.
You never know what you can really achieve until you have really tried. Stella Parton began as a gospel singer, singing with her family. Who would have known that Stella Parton would go on to star in numerous films, theatre and TV productions. Finding time also to record numerous CD’s, winning many awards in the things she has achieved.
Stella Parton would surely want you to know that she had to do hard work to make these things happen, they just did not happen by themselves. Yet she found time also to excel at cooking as well. So creativity has many sides to it.
Stella Parton also gives her heart and soul to help women recover from very violent relationships counseling many women and founding a training school for them while involved in the music industry .
Stella Parton has two recorded albums that appear on this site below, and she is among the other independent artists that we have promoted on these pages, check the menu.
 Cross and Ring
STELLA PARTON: Appalachian Blues 

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