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Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers is all about people like Wilbur and Orville, but more than that it is about
Tim and Tom and their great versatile band
Talking about the Wright Brothers suggests that we would be talking of either Wilbur or Orville
and the amazing contribution they both made to aviation. Then for many others it suggests
instead that we are talking about Tim or Tom and their wonderful ability to produce
and play all kinds of genre of music.
Wright Brothers Plane 
 The Wright Brothers 1905   
For each of the Wright Brothers be it is Wilbur or Orville, or Tim or Tom there is something in common, they all learnt to explore and to conquer the unknown. For Wilbur and Orville to soar into the skies, for Tim and Tom to soar into ‘heavenly harmonies’.
Each of the Wright Brothers has earned the respect of endearing fans, I said each because not only was there  a Wilbur and an Orville, but there are many more in the family of Tim and Tom and their group.
So in the band with Tim and Tom there is many a Wright brother, and amazingly there are two
daughters of Tim, Emily and Lauren.
Tom as one of the Wright Brothers is the ‘true master of ceremonies’, whereas Tim as one of the
 Wright brothers is the perfect manager, but altogether they are ‘one of the tightest, most talented bands you  have ever heard’, with everybody contributing to amazing sounds and performances.
 Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers
For Wilbur as one of the Wright Brothers and for Orville as one of the Wright Brothers we have inherited aircraft controls and wind tunnel testing, and added to these many more wonderful things.
For Tim as one of the Wright Brothers and for Tom as one of the Wright Brothers with all the rest of the much
 talented group there have been such things as soundtracks for a movie with
Goldie Horn and Kurt Russell.
Just click on their CD below
 THE WRIGHT BROTHERS: The Lost Nashville Sessions
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